Sundial at Rose Creek Ranch

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Sundial 1  Bigger size   Giant size
  The brass dial is 11.5 inches in diameter, and is mounted on a granite base.  Supporting it is a molded concrete pedestal, taken from a bird bath.
  This view is looking back across the front lawn, to the gate.

Sundial 2 Bigger size   Giant size
   The dial was carefully levelled, and set with an accurate clock.  It keeps time within +/- 2 minutes, year-round.

Sundial 3 Bigger size   Giant size
If you'd like a dial like this custom-made for you, contact Mike Manning at About Time, Surrey, England.

Sundial 4 Bigger size   Giant size
  A close-up of the brass dial, and the poem, dedicated to Teresa.
  The pointer, or gnomon, is precisely milled so that the angle equals the local latitude.

Sundial 2 Bigger size   Giant size
   The equation of time, used to adjust for the varying speed of the earth around the sun.
    The latitude and longitude of the garden was measured from a hand-held Global Positioning Satellite unit.
    The coordinates were given to Mike, who used them to precisely create the sundial face using a computer program.
    This is what makes the sundial so accurate, but it will only work properly within a 20-mile radius of this geographic point.

Sundial 6 Bigger size   Giant size
   Looking back through the coral roses at the fountain.
    The granite base is 16 inches across, and was custom-made by a kitchen countertop manufacturer.
    The painted concrete pedestal was part of a birdbath, ordered from Home Base Co.

Sundial 7 Bigger size   Giant size
   The dial nestles into the roses during the last big bloom of the year, in November.

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