Garden at Rose Creek Ranch

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Red Rose Arch Bigger size  Giant size
This wooden arch trellis enters the rose garden from the side walk of the house.
It's covered with red "Blaze" climbing roses.
Once inside the rose-colored concrete winding paths take you among the roses.

Garden 2Bigger size  Giant size
Looking from inside the rose garden, through the main arch, and toward the front yard.
This arch is covered with pink polyantha "Cecile Bruner" roses.
The red roses are "Trumpeters".

Flagpole 1 Flagpole 2 (Click either photo for a larger size)
In the fall of 2000 we put up a flagpole, with help from our friends Vince and Hayden.
The flagpole used to be a steel lamppost and is 30 feet tall, and is mounted in 2700 pounds of concrete.
It sports a gold ball at the top, and a 8x5-foot flag.
Note that we changed the trim color on the house from green to tan.  The other house photos were taken in 1997, when the trim was green.

Garden 3Bigger size  Giant size
The left pathway of the rose garden.  A row of "Trumpeter"s are on the left.
In the back are "Rio Samba", and "New Dawn".
To the right of the path are "Mr. Lincoln", "Elizabeth Taylor", "Double Delight", "Princess of Monaco", and "Honor"

Garden 4Bigger size  Giant size
From the third floor, the left part of the rose garden.  The "Blaze" arch is at lower left.
The concrete walkway is in the shape of a "B".  At the top of the "B" is a bird bath.
In the bottom loop is a working fountain.
At the bottom right is our seating area, a sunny spot to read the paper on cool Saturday mornings.
The table and chairs are surrounded by blue and violet roses.

Garden 5Bigger size  Giant size
The right side of the path, including the fountain, "Cecile Bruner" arch, and pergola.
The sundial is hidden, tucked behind the left edge of the arch.

Garden 6Bigger size  Giant size
This wooden arch beckons you to enter the rose garden from the front lawn.  Covering the arch are Cecile Bruners, a climbing polyantha rose with small pink blooms. The fountain is visible behind it in the center.

Pink Rose ArchBigger size  Giant size
The pergola is a shady spot perched on a hill overlooking the rose garden.
From the six-foot redwood swing, three people can overlook the garden an enjoy the blooms and their fragrance.
A pair of yellow "Golden Shower" roses cover the sides and back of the pergola.
In front of the swing are coral pink "Perfume Delight" roses.
The floor is natural stone, taken from the property and grouted in concrete.

Garden 8Bigger size  Giant size
A side view of the pergola, from the front lawn.
The wind vane was purchased on a trip to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
It features an Amish buggy, pulled by a horse.  It frequently points to the west,
where our prevailing breeze comes in off the ocean, around San Luis Obispo.

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