Sundial at Rose Creek Ranch

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Sundial 1    Giant size
  The dial is mounted on a granite base, 16 inches across.  Supporting it is a molded concrete pedestal, taken from a bird bath.
  This view is looking back across the front lawn, to the gate.

Sundial 2   Giant size
   The dial was carefully levelled, and set with an accurate clock.  It keeps time within +/- 2 minutes, year-round.

Sundial 3   Giant size

Sundial 4   Giant size
  A close-up of the brass dial, and the poem.
  The pointer, or gnomon, is precisely milled so that the angle equals the local latitude.

Sundial 5   Giant size
   The equation of time, used to adjust for the varying speed of the earth around the sun.

Sundial 6   Giant size
   Looking back through the coral roses at the fountain.

Sundial 7   Giant size
   The dial nestles into the roses during the last big bloom of the year, in November.

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