Animals at Rose Creek Ranch
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Geese 1 Medium Size -- Giant SizeGeese 2 Medium Size -- Giant Size
Geese 1 Medium Size
Here are some of the 14 geese who live here, and swim in the ponds.
The thick-necked geese on the left and right are Emdens.
The two skinnier geese in the middle are Chinese.
Geese are very territorial, and will honk at anyone who comes into their territory. This makes them good "watchdogs". They lay eggs from February to April, which we hatch in our incubators. Goslings "pattern" on the first creature they see when they hatch. Several broods have patterned on Walt, and follow him around the yard wherever he goes. Another group patterned on Scout the dog, who visited them in their cage in the garage.
Gosling 1 Medium Size
This is a gosling that hatched on May 23, 2001, along with two siblings.
Two sister geese sat on a nest together to hatch the three goslings. One of the mother gooses is in the background, as the gosling learns to eat from the feeder.

Scout 1 Medium Size -- Giant Size
This is Scout the dog, digging up a gopher by the small pond. Scout is a Chocolate Labrador, which we got from the pound. Scout got his name because when we go on hikes in the hills, he's the one who leads, finding the best trail through the underbrush.
Chicken 1 Medium Size -- Giant SizeChicken 2 Medium Size -- Giant Size
Here is a rooster, named "Mrs. Gould". The chick was hatched by a second-grade classroom of kids. A friend of ours lent the classroom his incubator. When the chick hatched, they named it after their teacher, Mrs. Gould. They did not know it would turn out to be a rooster. When the chick got too big to stay in the classroom, the kids gave our friend the rooster back, and he gave it to us to live at the ranch.

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